Scholarships + Grants
  • Free Money for College

    JWU awards scholarships + grants to those who are eligible, which are great — because you don’t have to repay them.

    JWU has allocated $140 million in institutional aid for 2013-14.

    JWU Scholarships

    We award scholarships based on achievement.

    5,400 students received $62 million in National Student Organizations (NSO) Scholarships.

    JWU scholarships are available for transfers and international students.Tip: Make sure you’re eligible: Apply to JWU


    If you have financial need, you may qualify for grants like these:

    Federal Pell Grant
    $5,645* For undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's or graduate degree.

    (*Maximum for 2013-14).

    Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant
    Up to $275 annually. Awarded based on financial need.

    Johnson & Wales Grant
    Awarded based on financial need.

    TIP: To qualify for grants, complete the FAFSA.  

    Non-JWU Aid Sources

    Your guidance counselor or JWU financial planner can help you find outside scholarships + grants

    Find scholarships with these FREE resources:

    Talk to companies and organizations - see what they offer:

    • Your employer
    • Corporate or private organizations
    • Your state's higher education agency
    • Civic groups/clubs: Lions Club, Rotary Club, Elks Club
    • Your parent's employer
    • State + local government/agencies

    Remember: Outside scholarships/grants frequently have their own application and deadlines

    In 2011-12, JWU students received $4.4 million in outside scholarships.